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Who is Raymond Cool?

Survivor Of Food Hell
At 500 pounds few things were looking up in Raymond's life besides the number on the scale. The wreckage surrounding him included his declining health, lost jobs, and broken relationships. The only advice his doctors gave him were impossible diets or weight-loss surgery. Raymond set out to find a better way. He found it in an approach he calls "Baby Steps" .

Raymond teaches classes in the Tacoma area on Diet, Health, & Weight Loss. These classes are no-pressure zones where anyone can come and learn the concepts behind his phenomenal health transformation.

Raymond is available for more personal help, through email, telephone, or face to face consulting.

Public Speaker
Raymond is available to speak to your group, large or small, on topics related to health, weight loss, inspiration/motivation, and overcoming life obstacles. He is also available to speak to your church group on a biblical perspective of diet and health.

Raymond is an advocate for all who struggle with food, weight, and eating disorders. He sees that few truly understand all of the issues at play in the lives of those who suffer. Some focus their approach on food, others on emotional/spiritual matters, and others approach the issue from a clinical mental health perspective. Raymond believes that the best approach is to acknowledge that all play a part in the problem, and because of this the process of restoring health is longer and more complex than few can grasp. That's why he focuses on Baby Steps. The solution is small, incremental steps one can take at their own pace, while they live and learn and overcome, each building upon the success of the last. Wide, sweeping changes rarely work, and one of Raymond's most quoted sayings is "all-or-nothing almost always results in nothing." By focusing on small changes over time, amazing results can happen before you know it. But focusing on changing everytying all at once usually leaves you in that same mindset, and place, year after year.

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Cool Quickies


Why Wheat Haters Have It Wrong

I talk to many people who are convinced that wheat is unhealthy, and many claim to be allergic to gluten, or have an intolerance to it. I believe most of them are mistaken.

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Looking Back: May 5th, 2013

I first shared this photo almost 3 years ago. It was a day of excitement and wonderment! For the first time since Junior High School I weighed less than 200 pounds!

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Three Hundred Pounds Of Joy

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The Lies, Myths, & Misconceptions We Believe About Diet, Health, & Weight Loss

Baby Steps To Healthier Living

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