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About The Name: Three Hundred Pounds Of Joy

Greetings, and welcome to Three Hundred Pounds Of Joy!

I decided to name my website after a song sung by one of my favorite musicians, Howlin' Wolf, which you can listen to below!

What do I and this website have in common with this song? 300 pounds, that's what!! No, I don't weigh 300 pounds. I needed to lose 300 pounds! Yes, I said I needed to lose 300 pounds!!

Jeeze Louise!!! Just how fat does a person have to be in order to need to lose 300 pounds?? For me it was 486 pounds. Part of me is embarrassed to ever admit that. My actual weight had long been a closely held secret.

Those who know me in real life have always known I was a big man. Few knew just how big though. I never told anyone just how much I weighed. Why would I? I've always carried my weight well and people would be shocked to know just how much I actually weighed.

Those who know me on-line had no clue what I've weighed. I have only joked about being bigger than "your Daddy's Buick" and if pressed for a number I often said I weighed 700 pounds. Nobody ever believed that number and that was the point. It was a light hearted way of skirting the issue, and at least I wasn't trying to lie and tell them I wasn't fat, right?

My journey to lose this weight started in late 2010. I was 486 pounds and with all the health problems in my life I realized something had to change. I wasn't going to live very long and what's worse, I wasn't going to enjoy the time I had left very much if I didn't make some radical changes.

So I did. This website is all about those changes. Both the changes I've made in my own life and how they can help you make changes in yours.

-Raymond Cool

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Three Hundred Pounds Of Joy

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