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Baby Steps To Healthier Living

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Baby Steps is a not your traditional approach to Diet, Health, & Weight Loss. The tradional approach is to muster all the willpower you can and make sweeping changes in your lifestlye. You clean out your kitchens of unhealthy food and start eating only healthy foods. You give up all your favorite junk foods. You stop eating fast food. Add in an insane exercise schedule and you have the recipe for positive change in your life! Or do you?

If it were that simple we wouldn't have a problem, would we?

The Problem:

The problem is that we THINK we know what our problem is. We think it is one or more of the following:

There may be some level of truth in any of the statements above, but there are some bigger truths we need to consider:

We know we need to form new habits and give up old ones. We know we only have a limited supply of willpower. So we muster all we have and hope the changes "stick" before the willpower gives out.

How's that been working out for you?

If you're like me, you've set out dozens of times with total resolve to DO IT, only to find that in a week or three the willpower starts to fade. Once I went many months and lost nearly 90 pounds by starving myself and exercising like a madman. It was the longest running period of willpower I ever had. I hated it. It was torture and it didn't last. It was doomed to failure from the start, just like every other attempt at Super-Human Willpower I ever had.

We Can't Hit The Ground Running If We Don't Even Know How To Walk

Baby Steps simply means making small changes, over time. Small changes that don't require more willpower than we have. Changes we can stick with long enough to form those new habits. The goal is to find success in the long-term that wouldn't come otherwise.

The math looks something like this:

small step + small success + small step + small sucess = PROGRESS!!!


Progress = Motivation!
Motivation + more small steps = MORE SUCCESS!

On the other hand... trying for steps bigger than you have the willpow to pull off leads to failure, which leads to negative energy, will leads t a black hole of failure. I know. I lived it for decades.

Are you starting to get the picture? Small steps mean success which brings positive energy into your life which gives you the motivation to keep on with the small steps. At some point you may try slightly bigger steps, but don't even worry about that for now.

Are you ready to start planning a Baby Step of your own?

Find a schedule of local classes on our meetup.com page.

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Baby Steps To Healthier Living

Baby Steps is a not your traditional approach to Diet, Health, & Weight Loss. The tradional approach is to muster all the willpower you can and...

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