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Diet and Nutrition

What do I eat? That is a question I am asked ALL the time. And the answer is very simple:

I eat a LOT of starches. Potatoes, rice, oats, beans (of all kinds), barley, corn, quinoa, sweet potatoes, wheat, rye, etc.

I eat vegetables, including leafy greens.

I eat fruit.

I eat nuts and seeds sparingly.

I eat most of these foods in as close to their natural, whole form, as possible. This means I eat potatoes, but not potato chips. Rice, but not rice cakes. Corn, but not corn chips. I eat my grains whole.
When I eat bread I bake it myself from wholesome wholemeal flour I mill by hand myself. When I eat tortillas I make them myself.

What I don't eat:

Meat, dairy, added fats of any kind, and I avoid processed food as much as possible.

For those who say: I can't eat like that!

Neither could I, when I started! It took me a LONG time to transition to how I eat now. Don't let any concerns about being able to eat like I do keep you from making dietary changes. I started off very slowly, making small changes. Even if you have no desire to end up where I am now, you can still benefit greatly by making small steps in this direction. Do it!

For those who would like some of my recipes:

A recipe section will be added to the website in the future. It will include lots of good, wholesome and nutrtitious recipes to help get you started down the path of better eating.

The reason I have no recipes to offer right now is because I honestly don't use many recipes. I eat whole foods.

Potatoes: I bake them. I boil them. If I'm in a hurry, I sometimes microwave them.

Rice: Put in a pot with some water and cook as per directions, or add some in with soup.

Oats: Put them in a pot with some water and cook as per directions. Add in fruit and num nums!

Barley: Almost always add some into any soup I'm making.

Quinoa: Put it in a pot with water and cook it as you would rice. Or add into a soup.

Vegetables: I eat them raw, lightly steamed, or cooked in one of my famous "soups".

My recipe for soup: Put on a pot of water. Start adding things. Plenty of starches and veggies! No real recipe needed.

One exception is my bread. That I do follow a recipe for. But so few people can mill their own flour from whole grains that there is no point in sharing my recipe publicly. Too many will try to duplicate it using store bought flour... and it won't be the same. (If you can mill your own grains you probably have your own bread recipes, but if you want mine, email me!)

So this explains my lack of a recipe section on the website for now! For now, just eat more potatoes.

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