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Exercise is an important aspect of human life, and getting enough moderate exercise is important for health and digestive function.

Exercise is also a great addition to any weight loss program.

But in my opinion, exercise is overrated in regard to it's role in weight loss. My experience and research has shown that without any doubt, the KEY factor in weight loss is diet. It's what you put in your mouth.

Not that exercise doesn't play a role. It does. An important role. But exercise takes a back seat to diet, and exercise cannot overcome a bad diet.

I've tried. My entire life I've struggled with weight and I've always focussed heavily on exercise to help me reduce, and it's only ever had minimal sucess, and never long lasting success.

I'm encouraging you to make exercise a regular part of your overall lifestyle. Just remember:

You can't out-exercise a poor diet.


The best, and simplest exercise most people can do for better health is simply to go walking. If you've not seen the video Twenty Three And A Half Hours, I encourage you to watch it. It puts exercise into perspective and does it in just 9 minutes.

Twenty Three And A Half Hours

------------------------------------------------------- ##Nordic Walking Walking is among the easiest and best exercises one can do for themselves! And Nordic Walking (or pole walking) is even better! Here is a short video describing the benefits of Nordic Walking.

Before you spend tons of money on expensive Nordic Walking Poles consider Making Your Own.

Happy Trails!

(I'd like to thank my friend Christine who got me started with Nordic Walking!)

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